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Recorded at the Harvest House DIY spot. 8/20/16


released August 25, 2016

Special thanks to Ryan and Porsche at the Harvest House. This wouldn't be possible without y'all. Thanks to Isabelle Ewing for being mom to the band, we love ya.Thank you Mckenna Mobus for being the best pal there is! And thank you to any band we've shared the stage with and any venue/promoter that has booked us along the way.



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Out Of Step Springfield, Missouri

Alex - Bass/vocals

Liam - Guitar/vocals

Kasey - Drums

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Track Name: Breakfast
Speak my Mind
All the time
Always felt

Act a fool and
Play their games
In my eyes
I feel your pain
What's the point
It's all the same
Turn your back
And walk away

Tried and tried to compromise
But in the end it's no surprise
It took me so long just to realize
Through what I despise

And you fucking wonder why these kids don't come to shows
Judged by what they fucking wear or who they fucking know
And you fucking wonder why these kids just stay at home
Judged by what they fucking wear or who they fucking know
Track Name: We Are One
Cultivate the masses
Separate the skin from bone
We are but one
We are but one
Destruction is our home
Correlate our lives
To our flaw by design
We are but one
We are but one
They segregate our own
Instigate the crime
In our own feeble minds
We are but one
We are but one
Ruled by those who piss and moan
Vindicate the rights
Of hand in hand mankind
We are but one
We are but one
My time your time is mine

I am that burning building
I am those screaming children
Yelling in your ear
Track Name: Castle Rock
Pushing and pressing
To find the truth
Everything I know
Says it's no use
Can't find a reason
To live so blind
Live to work to eat to sleep
And then we die

No I don't think I can
No I won't waste my time
Chained down to self doubt
Force fed an easy cop out

I refuse to live just to die
Track Name: Who Am I
Who are you
Who am I
Every day I
Look at you
Remind us
What has passed
Will live on

It shapes us
We become
The thoughts that
We act on